The Tonsley Line Review


The Tonsley Line Review is a planning project being undertaken by the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. The review is considering possible opportunities to improve the existing services and facilities of the Tonsley Rail Line. It does not include the new Flinders Link project, which will extend the Tonsley Line to Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University.

To date, the review has:

  • Analysed the neighbourhoods accessibility of Tonsley Line stations
  • Modelled rail services on the Seaford and Tonsley line to determine requirements for infrastructure and service frequency improvements
  • Consulted Tonsley Line public transport users and local area residents, via an online survey
  • Identified potential station designs and locations which would enhance public transport access and facilities for the surrounding neighbourhoods
  • Consulted with Flinders Link project team and key stakeholders on local area plans, feasible station locations and the risks and opportunities for feasibly improving access to Tonsley line stations


Tonsley Station – Necessary Removal
Construction of the Flinders Link project requires the existing Tonsley Station to be removed to enable the new rail line to be built higher than ground level to go over Sturt Road. This will alter the public transport access for some Mitchell Park, Clovelly Park and Tonsley residents.

Clovelly Park and Mitchell Park Stations
An assessment of people within a set walking distance was undertaken and found that the area most impacted by the removal of Tonsley Station is the area to the south/west of Clovelly Park Station. 

To date, the review has identified that a potential new station immediately south of Alawoona Ave, with a southern access point, will improve access for the local community, the Tonsley Innovation District and throughout the neighbourhood in general.

The Review is similarly considering ways in which Mitchell Park station could be improved to benefit the local community.   

Online Survey
Market research company Square Holes Pty Ltd was engaged by the Department to conduct the first round of community consultation, seeking online feedback on user experience and expectations for public transport between 11th and 22nd February 2019. 976 responses were obtained with most suggesting the key areas for improvement on the Tonsley Rail Line were greater frequency of services (currently no evening and weekend services operate), safe and easy access to stations (includes within walking distance), better shelters, and clean and well-maintained stations and services.

The results from the survey have been provided to DPTI and this consultation process will build on the findings of this report.