Community Priorities Report

Community engagement company Gould Thorpe Planning Pty Ltd has been asked to engage with community members and public transport users to understand their ideas, concerns and what is important to them.

We will meet with interested people in the community (through local listening posts) to learn more about the range of issues that are important to them. Community members can also provide input online though a feedback form or directly to our team via email.

Community members can then take the opportunity to delve deeper into the issues important to them at two (2) community workshops. At the first workshop we will explore the issues to achieve a thorough understanding of community concerns. The second workshop will be guided by outcomes from the first and enable prioritising of the concerns and ideas to be communicated to DPTI in the report.

An independent report will then be prepared for DPTI. The report will tell DPTI what is most important to the local community and public transport users about the Tonsley Rail Line.